Coverage Area: 3m x 3m (9m2)

Length: 412 cm

Height: 280 cm

Rotation Structure: 360°


Coverage: white, black, royal blue, navy blue, yellow, gray, moss green, beige and red

Structure: white, brown and black

Base: white, brown and black



SketchUp 3D Block




Enjoy a pleasant nook under a large protected area.

The clean and contemporary design of the Oasis line creates invigorating shadows for both body and environment.

They are manufactured with high strength raw material and technologies that guarantee safety, easy maintenance and great protection to keep your comfort always.


There are hundreds of possible color combinations that integrate with harmony and make your atmosphere more modern and welcoming.


The Ombrellones Oasis are manufactured with high strength raw material and technologies that guarantee safety, easy maintenance and great protection to keep your comfort always.


Easy to open and close, the Ombrellones Oasis have a side mast that creates free spans for greater integration when open and discretion when closed. Its 360 ° rotation shaft lets you quickly and easily bring shadow wherever you need it.


Base Options

Flower pot

The base is divided into two parts. It is made of polypropylene (plastic) and must be filled with stones, earth and flowers. It is possible to place only stones to give weight on the base and thus support. This type of base is ideal for those who need to change the ombrellone location, and make your home even more charming.

Fixed base

The base is made of aluminum and is fixed to the floor of the room. This base option takes up less space, leaving your environment more modern and clean.

Fabric Showcase


100% polyester fabrics.
White PVC Fabric (Vinyl Canvas)


UV protection
Water repellency
Anti mold



The Ombrellones from the Eclipse line bring more charm to your space. Its warm and timeless design integrates with any environment, bringing a more pleasant climate to any occasion.

Where to find

See where to find the Trittone Ombrellones near you.
We have a dealer and maintenance network throughout Brazil.



Check out the actual designs using Trittone’s ombrellones. They are used in the most diverse environments. Join and be inspired to create a project with your touch.

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