Care and Maintenance

Follow the step by step on installing and handling your ombrellone:

  1. To install the ombrellone safely, it is essential to use a base suitable for its size in order to avoid tipping and possible damage. Never use ombrellone without base.
  2. When opening, closing or moving the ombrellone, ensure that the cover and structure are free of obstructions.
  3. Avoid installing ombrellone under trees to avoid stains with leaves, flowers and fruits.
  4. The ombrellone should be closed and collected in the presence of strong winds, rain or storms.
  5. Always close and / or remove ombrellone when it is missing or when you cannot control it.

See our care and conservation tips:

  • Store the ombrellone in a cool, dry place to prevent mold;
  • Clean with soft bristle brushes, damp cloth, mild soap and water. Do not use chemicals, abrasives, hard bristled brush or water under pressure;
  • In salty places, fabric, structures and mechanical parts should be washed frequently with fresh water;
  • The ombrellones with polyester, vinyl or acrylic fabric covers have water repellent treatment and UV protection, but do not prevent color change over time;
  • The ombrellones that have UV protection coverage do not exempt the customer from the use of sunscreen;
  • Some models have carbon steel components in their structure or base. To conserve, iron WD-40 and wipe off excess with a soft dry cloth. Repeat this process regularly to extend the life of your ombrellone.


Six (6) months warranty against manufacturing defect. Natural wear damage is not covered as a result of daily use, as well as damage caused by misuse or neglect in handling, falls, breakage of rods and structure caused by rain, strong winds and repairs made by third parties, thus exempting the manufacturer from personal injury. and materials thereof.

We have available for purchase the protective cover for your ombrellone! An item apart, but that guarantees even more quality to the product. The cover is made of white PVC fabric.

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